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The reality of today`s new normal means that more and more people are working from home. Due to COVID-19, there is some understanding that your children or other family members may be home but the work still needs to get done. One of the biggest work distractions is noise--noisy children, noisy neighbours, outside noise from traffic, lawn mowers and leaf blowers. How can you get anything done with all that racket?

Do you need to make many conference or video calls for work but colleagues are complaining of poor acoustics due to echo or sound coming from other parts of the home?

It's time to Soundproof or improve the interior acoustics of your home office. Contact us for a FREE virtual inspection and we'll come up with a solution to create a quiet space where you can get your work done. JAD Contracting offers you a range of solutions to work with your budget.

Don't forget: since you will be getting the soundproofing treatment done for work, it may count as a business expense for tax purposes--or perhaps your employer may fund some or all of the work done. And as a bonus, you are increasing the value of your home with this valuable, soundproofing feature. Today's trends show that the home office may be here to stay and new homebuyers will make sure this room is on their "must-have" list.

Reduce distracting noise and Improve concentration.

Sound professional on the phone or video call--don't let your customers hear noise from your family or room-mates.

Improve interior acoustics for better communication.

We customize soundproofing solutions for any sound situation.

Invest in your yourself and your home.

Check with your employer to see if they will subsidize all or part of the soundproofing project.

Potential tax credits (for you or your employer) for this business expense.

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